We need your thoughts and insights to help build #SafeSystems


In late 2015, the Safe Systems Coalition was formed to bring together key Peak bodies to run an election campaign to ensure major political parties prioritise family and domestic violence election commitments in their policy platforms.

In March 2017, the WA Labor Government was elected. Some key asks from the Safe Systems campaign were important election commitments of WA Labor and have been implemented, such as appointing a Minister for the Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence. Others have not.

Nearly one year on since the appointment of the Minister for the Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence, we propose to:

  • Assess what has been achieved since the Safe Systems election campaign
  • Identify systemic gaps that are failing to achieve #SafeSystems for survivors of family and domestic violence and to hold perpetrators accountable
  • Map a theory of change that communicates what actions are required to ensure we meet the outcome of #SafeSystems

An important part of this process is to gather information from family and domestic violence services and other key stakeholders (like yourself). To this end we have developed an online survey.

The information we collect from you will be used to inform the development of an Action Plan that will be presented to Minister Simone McGurk at a public launch in late March, 2018. We would very much appreciate it if you could set aside 15-20 minutes to complete the survey. Please note that the survey closes on Monday, February 12th, 2018.


Click here to take the survey

Thank you in advance for your support.


Kindest regards,

Heidi Guldbaek and Alison Evans (on behalf of the Safe Systems Coalition)


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